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For June - Cathy recommends...

"Looking for some educational family fun this summer — and a chance to win a free trip to Washington, D.C.? Help the kids in your life take the Good Citizen Challenge. This nonpartisan civics activity rewards participants for learning about their communities, keeping up with local news and helping others. Organized by Seven Days and its parenting publication Kids VT — with help from the Vermont Historical Society, Vermont Public Radio and Vermont PBS — the Challenge is open to all K-12 students. Participants must complete five activities in a row on the bingo-like Challenge scorecard. All who do get a Good Citizen sticker and patch and an invitation to a VIP reception at the Vermont State House this fall. They will also be entered into a drawing for a free trip to Washington, D.C.! Find more information and download the scorecard at" 

Cathy Resmer, Deputy Publisher
Seven Days

Learn more about your community, country and world by doing the Good Citizen Challenge.

Get your scorecard now!

Check out Vermont PBS and Vermont Public Radio inspired challenges by age-band.  

PreK-K/3: But Why

Middle and High School: Brave Little State and Vermont This Week

Vermont PBS and Agency of Education recommend

For more info, contact:

Leonardo da Vinci: Machines in Motion

Teach and Learn about Da Vinci from PreK- Grade 12  


PreK: Be Curious with But Why Podcast: Where Does the Sky End?

K-2: Xavier Riddle explores the life of Leonardo Da Vinci with Hero Maker game

Gr. 3-5: Da Vinci Activity Bundle including video and lesson plans for teachers  

Gr. 6-8: Explores a media collection about Da Vinci from the Empire of Medicis  

Gr. 9-12:  Check out Decodes Da Vinci  or think local with Brave Little State’s Podcast What Can Be Done about Vermont’s Aging Sewar System?

ad for Machines in Motion

WIN 4 tickets to the Montshire Museum’s Leonardo da Vinci: Machines in Motion

Opening Saturday, May 28, on Memorial Day weekend. 


Summer of Possibilities!

Support parents and caregivers this summer with curated resources they can use to spark everyday moments of learning and fun. Resources available through WIFI, interactive, or as printable resources included and noted.

The summer hub on PBS KIDS for Parents offers DIY activities, printables, games, and playtime suggestions; the summer collection on PBS LearningMedia offers PreK-5th grade teachers adaptable project ideas, fun science experiments, and a wide-range of “anytime” activities. Middle and High School Collections noted. Vermont flavor and connections here too!  

Tools to Help You and Your Students Cope in Difficult Times

PBS Teacher Lounge The 3 R’s for Teacher Self Care: Reflect, Release, Recharge - Article

Difficult Times & Tough Talks - PBS LearningMedia Collection

Meet the Helpers - (Videos) Crisis Tips for Families and Caregivers 

Just for Teachers!  

As the nation navigates the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this film, A Trusted Space, and curriculum offers tools to mitigate the effects of grief, trauma, anxiety, and other emotional stressors affecting both students and teachers.  

PreK-Grade 2 

Social Emotional Learning  

NEW Donkey Hodie (English/Spanish/WIFI or Print to Send Home) 

Storytelling Packet – BINGO, games, and more (Print to Send Home)  

Find more at Summer Camp 

Curiosity & Wonder  

But Why Podcast – “Are Llamas Ticklish? And Other Silly Questions” 

  • Listen (WIFI/19 minutes)
  • Learning Guide (PDF, Download, Print to Send Home)  

Between the Lions Poem: Doggy Days and others (:40 seconds) 

Summer of Possibilities Activity Book (PDF, Download)

Poetry and Music  

Seasons of Change Poem: Seya’s Song (Interactive/WIFI)  

In this online book from the International Children's Digital Library, a young American Indian describes the natural surroundings and activities of the S'Klallam, or Clallam, people through the seasons of the year. The book includes a glossary of S'Klallam words. 

Lanston Hughs Jazz Poetry (Video/WIFI/Discussion) 

Music and Pitch: STEAM Camp (Video/WIFI/Discussion) 

A look ahead to summer: Come back in June to find local Vermont connections from VPR (on-air/online) who will share more about kid composers from Music-Comp!   

Middle School 

Storytelling and Poetry 

PBSLM Summer of Learning Collection  

Poetry Everywhere Connection 

Vermont Connection! Clemmons Family Farm Storytelling Room  (WIFI) 

High School 

Poetry and Story Science  

PBSLM Poetry in America Collection  

Vermont Connection! Brave Little State Podcast How has the geology of Vermont affected its character?

Ukrainian War

Ukrainian War - appropriate for grades PreK, K and Grades 1-5

But Why Podcast - Why is Russia Invading Ukraine?

Download our learning guides: PDF|Google Slide|Transcript

How to talk to kids about war

Ukrainian War -  appropriate for Grades 6-12


Zelenskyy: The Man Who Took On PutinZelenskyy: The Man Who Took On Putin
Expires: 2022-04-16
Rating: TV-14

This new 30-minute profile on Volodymyr Zelenskyy is brought to us by ITN. The program follows Zelenskyy in his youth, his life before his presidency, and now his position as the leader of Ukraine under siege.

American ExperienceThe Great Famine
Expires: 2022-08-01
Rating: NR

The story of the American effort to relieve starvation in 1921 Soviet Russia. Context to the tension in the region when Ukraine fought for independence when it was still part of the Soviet Union. When a devastating famine descended on Soviet Russia in 1921, it was the worst natural disaster in Europe since the Black Plague in the Middle Ages. Half a world away, Americans responded with a massive two-year relief campaign

Rating: NR

Profiles allegations of criminality and corruption that have accompanied Vladimir Putin’s reign in Russia. For over two decades, Putin accumulated wealth and power that has led to his autocratic rule and the specter of a new Cold War.

FRONTLINEPutin's Road to War

Reveals the inside story of what led to Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine. The events that shaped the Russian leader, the grievances that drive him, and how a growing conflict with the West exploded into war in Europe. 

Support Conversations about Ukraine

PBS Learning Media is offering context to unfolding events in Ukraine.  

  • For those looking to engage younger audiences around the Ukraine crisis, WVIZ/Ideastream’s NewsDepth program and KET’s News Quiz both have weekly news segments with timely updates for students in late elementary and middle school.
  • PBS NewsHour Classroom has added a segment on the Ukrainian refugee crisis to PBS LearningMedia accompanied by classroom discussion questions for middle and high school students, and teachers can visit the PBS NewsHour Classroom collection to search for news segments covering the ongoing conflict in the region, including these segments from newscasts between December 2013 and March 2014. 
  • For additional context on the history of the region designed for classroom use, these PBS Learning Media oral history interviews and accompanying lesson plan from the NETA-distributed documentary Baba Babee Skazala: Grandmother Told Grandmother provide students with the opportunity to understand the history of Ukraine since World War II.

Teach Your Way - June

The world is full of possibilities and so are your students! Inspire their curiosity each day with the activities, printables, and videos available from and

Download this month's calendar of suggestions!

Calendar example image

VPR Podcasts

VPR Brave Little State

People-powered journalism. Brave Little State, a podcast where you ask the questions, you decide what VPR investigates, and then you work with us to find the answers. With connections to other PBS LearningMedia resources. 

VPR Timeline

Join VPR Classical host James Stewart on a journey into the events, characters and concepts that shaped our Western musical tradition. We'll start at the very beginning and trace the steps of music through history. This music, and its history, is ours. With Learning Guides. 

VPR But Why

But Why is a show led by you, kids! You ask the questions and we find the answers. It’s a big interesting world out there.  With Learning Guides. 

VPR One Small Step and Storycorp

One Small Step is an offshoot of StoryCorps, with a focus on connecting strangers who fall on opposite sides of a political divide. VPR is one of six stations nationally that have been selected to conduct One Small Step conversations in communities across Vermont.

Mister Chris and Friends videos

The latest videos from our popular Mister Chris and Friends series, are digital shorts that guide children and their families through special daily moments: waking up, brushing teeth, washing hands, cleaning up, and going to bed. This video shorts series welcomes Elephant, a new friend who joins Mister Chris for these activities. Each video has a new original song and features a peek into lives and routines in our community thanks to participation from viewers. 

“Routine helps children process what they feel, see, touch and hear each day. Our hope is that these videos help little ones engage with five special everyday moments in a time when many of their routines have been disrupted,” said Chris Dorman. “And we hope our new friend, Elephant, helps families smile, giggle, and maybe even shed a joyful tear or two together.” 

These videos are available to watch below, and at, where families can also watch full episodes of seasons one and two!

Mister Chris and FriendsBrushing Teeth
Rating: TV-G

Mister Chris sings a song and helps Elephant to see how fun brushing our teeth can be!

Videos about Routine
1 / 5 Videos
Brushing Teeth
Mister Chris and Friends
Brushing Teeth
Waking Up
Mister Chris and Friends
Waking Up
Washing Hands
Mister Chris and Friends
Washing Hands
Cleaning Up
Mister Chris and Friends
Cleaning Up
Going to Bed
Mister Chris and Friends
Going to Bed

Educational content continuing on broadcast

Browse our online schedules below for educational content available on broadcast (over-the-air and cable) Vermont PBS channels. Many corresponding episodes also available via Video On Demand.

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Did you know that every Friday night on Kids Channel, Vermont PBS highlights family favorite programs, during our weekly Friday Night Family Night starting 7:00 p.m. 

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Local Collection: Saving our Waters

From our Saving our Watersdocumentary, learn about water quality in Vermont lakes. Appropriate for Middle and High School.


Local Collection: Mister Chris and Friends

From our Mister Chris and Friends series, browse various videos and interactive activities, suitable for Preschool to Grade 2.


Become a Media Mentor through Vermont PBS

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Becoming a Media Mentor: Playful Interactions for Young Children 

Presented by Vermont PBS
Heather Duhamel, M.Ed. & Certified Media Literacy Educator 




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