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Download the Vermont PBS App today!

The app features:


  • DVR-like controls (pause, rewind, and fast forward).
  • Create your own playlist of your favorite shows.
  • Cast to your AppleTV, Chromecast or smart TV
  • Integration with your Passport account to easily access additional episodes.
  • Integrated TV broadcast schedules of Vermont PBS, Vermont PBS Plus, Create, and World.
  • PBS Kids! content with parental controls.
  • Receive reminders when your favorite show is available.
  • Receive notifications of news and special events.
  • Be part of the Vermont PBS community with quick access to social media, a share feature, events calendar, and contact info.

The Vermont PBS app is made possible by a partnership with and support from viewers like you. Please support Vermont PBS by becoming a member today!

sample image of app on devices


The simplest way to install the Vermont PBS app is to access this webpage on your tablet or mobile device. Next click on the icons above to access the Google Play Store if oy uhave an Android device, or the iTunes App Store if you have an Apple device. Follow the install instructions. Please enable or accept notifications, so we can notify you of new shows, special events and more!

The Vermont PBS app is for mobile devices and is not currently available on Smart TVs, ROKU, Amazon Fire, etc. however you can cast to your smart TV depending on the features, or via Google Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.

Permissions explained

We take privacy and security seriously, and it is understandable to be concerned about permission settings. The Android operating system is configured with a set of modules that are made available for apps to access, and each module can contain many different components. The app only accesses select components within each module, but the Android notification still lists all of the components available in each module, instead of only displaying the ones actually accessed by the app. The unfortunate result is that more notifications are listed then what the app is actually using.

Location - Some stations utilize the Member Benefits option, providing discounts for station members. For these apps the location is used to find nearby participating businesses. This is the only time that the location is ever accessed by the app. Also, sometimes PBS uses the location for something called Geo Fencing, which limits content that is being viewed from outside of the country since it is a publicly paid service. The location is used in real-time, and no information about the location is ever stored by us in any manner.

SMS - The receive SMS messages, send SMS messages and call phone numbers are all components of a larger module. We have an SMS donation feature for the app, which allows listeners to initiate and send an SMS text message directly to the station to make a donation. This can only occur with user authorization, as is required by federal law. This authorization requires that the app receive an SMS confirmation message to ensure that you initiated the donation message. Because this code is present in the app, these notifications are being displayed.

Phone - Some stations require the ability to contact them directly. In their apps, if the player is expanded, there is the ability for the user to call the station using a phone icon among the other "share" icons. This is the only piece the phone is used for.

Photos/Media/Files - Regarding accessing contacts, when using the app if you hear a story that you like the app has a “share” feature where you have the option of emailing it to someone. The only time that the app would ever access your contacts it to auto-populate email addresses for you. It isn’t used in any other way, and all information is deleted as soon as the email is sent.

Wi-Fi Connection Information - The app needs information on WiFi and cellular connections to know if a network is available, and which to use.

Device ID & call information - This permission is related to creating bookmarks. The app needs to know the unique identifier to be able to correctly store any bookmarks that you create. The app does not have the ability to make or receive phone calls or the ability to identify incoming or outgoing calls or any access to your phone numbers (because it is also contained in the same module, this notification is displayed). We have tried to minimize the apps access to each of these modules and components, and only access them as required for the functionality of the app. Again, please know that we take privacy and security very seriously. Please let us know if anything needs to be clarified.

If you have additional questions or feedback, please email