Saving Our Waters

Vermont PBS tackles the urgent need to protect our water, including issues facing Lake Champlain and other vital waterways in Vermont.

Through episodes and town hall meetings, we aim to further a statewide conversation on how all Vermonters can help to save our waters!

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Major funding provided by Vermont EPSCoR

Additional funding provided by...
The Waterwheel Foundation
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Alma Gibbs Donchian Foundation
Vermont Fish & Wildlife

The Program

Saving Our Waters, is comprised of three thought-provoking short documentaries covering steps toward keeping our waterways clean; the impacts of phosphorus and other contaminants; and using the science behind the issues to derive solutions that have positive impact on our communities. Featuring interviews with scientists, citizens, farmers, business owners, and dozens of other stakeholders, the series creates a comprehensive look at the health of the entire watershed of the lake, which encompasses approximately 40% of the state. Saving Our Waters aims to examine the state of the Lake Champlain Basin today with an eye toward practical solutions to keeping Vermont’s waterways clean in an age of extreme weather events.

Produced by Vermont PBS together with independent producers Fran Stoddard and Vince Franke. Both have vast experience with producing content focused on raising cultural and environmental awareness. Read press release.

 Where Do We Stand?

Episode 1 - Premieres October 19 - 8 pm
Achieving a culture of clean water. Watersheds, lakes and ponds, climate change, current efforts to save our waters, and how they're all connected.
Rating: NR

Lake Champlain: A Jewel in Trouble

Episode 2 - Premieres October 26 - 8 pm
Our crown jewel in trouble. Human effects on the lake, current regulations, phosphorus levels, watershed management and natural infrastructure, current funding and future need for lake clean-up.

 Our Actions Matter

Episode 3 - Premieres November 2 -  8 pm
Making a difference. What government, municipalities, farms, businesses and individuals can do. What more is possible to make a difference and what is necessary to provide hope for the future?

Canadian Perspectives on Water

November 9 - 8 pm
From Lake Champlain to the Richelieu River and the St. Lawrence, a panel of Canadian experts explores our connections and common interests in our water.


Add your voice to the conversation...

Vermont PBS is hosting multiple town hall meetings in three of the communities most affected by watershed issues. The events will consist of a 30-minute screening of one episode of the series followed by a 90-minute discussion hosted by Fran Stoddard with scientists, advocates and policy-makers with diverse opinions about the issues at hand and the way forward. All events are free to the public.

Events sponsored by ECHO Leahy Center

Coordinator of the Vermont Clean Water Network


“We all play a role in the rich history, economic vitality and recreational lifestyle that is tied to Lake Champlain. Saving Our Waters aims to educate Vermonters around the science behind water pollution and to support a dialogue around the ways in which we can all create the circumstances for cleaner waterways.”

- Holly Groschner, President and CEO of Vermont PBS

We all have a shared stake in ensuring that our lakes and streams are resilient to the changes we can expect from changing weather patterns and land uses. Participate in the crowd sourcing of solutions to the challenges we face in the coming years and decades.