From the Archives

In honor of our 50th Anniversary here at Vermont PBS, we launched From The Archives. Over the past year we’ve been finding, researching and transferring programs from our past. These programs contain a treasure trove of our shared history and culture and we are excited to make them available for viewing once again! More to come...
“This seems to me absolutely one of the quintessential things about the human condition. It’s what actually distinguishes man from any other animal:living with those who have lived and the companionship of those who are no longer alive. Not necessarily the people that one knew personally, I mean the people perhaps whom one only knows by what they did, or what they left behind, this question of the company of the past, that’s what interests me, and archives are a kind of site in the sense of like an archaeological site.” ― novelist John Berger

Guest of The House

video still image of Guest of the House
(1983 - 1985) A showcase for Vermont performing artists. This popular local production features an eclectic array of sounds from classical pianists to country to rock and roll. Filmed at the Vermont PBS studio in Colchester, this program originally aired in 1983.


(2001 - 2011) Host Fran Stoddard interviews figures from the world of arts, culture or other facet of public life, and gets to know the person behind the persona.

Points North

(1995 - 2002) - Points North is a magazine program featuring segments on local Vermont arts and culture. The series focuses on people, places, and lifestyles around Vermont and its surrounding region, exploring the human side of life with humor, insight and curiosity.

Rural Free Delivery

This series originally from 1998, takes you on a tour of the traditional folkways of Vermont’s past. You’ll see activities such as sheep farming, building a coldframe, sugaring, soap making, building ponds, farming with draft horses, making jam and more. Folks who are still practicing these traditions explain just how it’s done.

Featured episodes

Pass It On - The Coreys


From 1986: The Coreys of Benson, VT are the subject of the premiere program. Keeping alive a family heritage of playing New England dance music, fiddler Freeman Corey Sr. and his sons Freeman Jr. and Melvin play kitchen parties and dances much as their forefathers did.

Pass It On - The Beaudoins


Another family keeping its musical heritage alive, the Beaudoins of the Burlington area are the subject of this program. The large family of French-Canadian descent draws on many generations of fiddling, singing and step dancing. They show it off in a half hour of entertainment and reminiscences. Lovers of traditional music recall the work of master fiddler Louis Beaudoin, who died in 1980.

The Art of Luigi Lucioni (1969)


An on the scene visit with the outstanding American painter Luigi Lucioni in his VT home.

From the Archives: Land of Promise

Rating: NR

From January 10, 1974 – The story of Franklin County, Vermont. The land, the history, the industry, the people, and the way of life in the Northwest county of Vermont. Archivist Mary Albee speaks about archive process and history.

50th Anniversary Special!

Rating: NR

In honor of the Vermont PBS 50th anniversary of the first broadcast in 1967, a look back at some of our earliest programs, shot on 16mm film from our archives. The show looks back at our early days with beautifully restored archival footage and interviews with past employees.

River of Milk

Rating: NR

Produced by VT ETV in cooperation with the UVM Extension, A River of Milk documents the changes in Vermont dairy farming over the past 100 years. The film focuses on increased dairy-farming activity in the northwest and large river valleys in the state; improvement of the dairy breeds and increased milk production, taxes relating to farming, and the prospect of dairying leaving Vermont.

Love hearing beautiful music? Listen to the Middlebury College Choir perform - watch Christmas in Vermont 1984


Vermont Archive Movie Project (VAMP)

Vermont PBS and the Vermont International Film Festival (VTIFF) proudly present the launch of a joint effort – the VAMP online database – a searchable website of Vermont films past and present.

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Vermont PBS Birthday

50 years of service as Vermont’s public broadcaster. Celebrate with us!