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Building communities for over 50 years

As Vermonters we all help shape the future of our state and the story we tell. From small decisions to great actions it starts with the simple desire to affect change and work together. Vermont PBS is a powerful catalyst that informs, educates and inspires. When you support Vermont PBS you help all Vermonters learn, grow and contribute to our great state and the world.

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 A Place Where Everyone Belongs

VPR and Vermont PBS Unify as One Public Media Organization

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Our Mission

Vermont PBS connects neighbors through stories that change lives.

Strategic Goals


By understanding and exploring the identity,
culture, and needs of the communities we serve,
Vermont PBS will connect viewers within and
outside Vermont’s borders through relevant and
vital storytelling.


Vermont PBS will be nimble in and adaptable to an ever-changing media landscape.


Vermont PBS will innovate and establish new
strategies for reaching and sustaining audiences
through digital technology, while meeting our
viewers’ demand for quality broadcast television

Core Values


We will act with integrity, loyalty,
authenticity, respect and inclusivity
while stewarding the
public trust.


We will tell stories that surprise and
delight, engage and expand


We will focus on the values, history,
nature, and culture of Vermont.

Take a look back through 50+ years of Vermont PBS history!


We will build relationships that work.

Our People

Meet the talented people who make it all possible at Vermont PBS.

Public Information

Learn more about the inner workings of Vermont PBS and find our policies and public reports.


Find useful resources for parents, educators, partners, and other helpful info.

Local Shows

Explore our shows made in, or related to Vermont, by our producers and our partners.

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