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Explore Québec this March
Part of a series of Québec films from the National Film Board of Canada in partnership with RETN.
Expires: 2020-09-07
The Memories of Angels

Thursday, March 7, 07:00 pm | Additional broadcast times
A singular lesson in Montréal history with its famous figures, symbolic places and ordinary citizens. The film moves from the red light district to Jean Drapeau, the Jacques-Cartier market, department stores downtown, textile factories and the construction of Place Ville-Marie.
Expires: 2020-09-14
The Devil’s Share

Thursday, March 14, 07:00 pm | Additional broadcast times
Québec, on the cusp of the 1960s. The province is on the brink of momentous change. Deftly selecting clips from nearly 200 films from the National Film Board of Canada archives, director Luc Bourdon reinterprets the historical record, offering us a new and distinctive perspective on the Quiet Revolution.
Expires: 2020-09-21
The Great Resistance

Thursday, March 21, 07:00 pm | Additional broadcast times
In the 1930s, in the throes of the Great Depression, the government relocated more than 80,000 citizens to found a new settlement in the virgin forests of Québec's Abitibi region. This documentary traces a defining chapter of Québec history and raises fundamental questions about regional development.
A License to Remember

Thursday, March 28, 07:00 pm | Additional broadcast times
To find out just what "Je me souviens" (I remember) means to Quebecers, director Thierry Le Brun sets off across the province, license plate in hand and meets a cast of characters with wildly differing views. The results are illuminating, entertaining and often very funny.

Wretches and Jabberers


Premieres Thursday, April 4, 07:00 pm on Vermont PBS | Additional air times
Oscar-winning filmmaker Gerardine Wurzburg's Wretches & Jabberers chronicles the world travels of disability rights advocates, Tracy Thresher (Barre, VT) and Larry Bissonnette, (Milton, VT), in a bold quest to change attitudes about the intelligence and abilities of people with autism.

I am in here: A View of My Daily Life with Suggestions for Improvement from My Intelligent Mind


Premieres Thursday, April 11, 07:00 pm on Vermont PBS | Additional air times
This award-winning film shows a day in Mark's life before he had access to "supported typing". In it, a visitor from his intelligent mind tells us what he's really thinking. Described by Utter as a "docudrama with hues of tragicomedy mixed in," highlights the contrast between people's perceptions of Mark and the intelligent man trapped inside.

Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival


Premieres Thursday, April 18, 07:00 pm on Vermont PBS | Additional air times
An annual showcase of short Vermont-based films from the Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival. Featuring five selected films: Lily, Four Keys, For the Love of Mary, Hidden Blueprints and Raising Son.

Scout Film Festival Showcase


Thursday, April 25, 07:00 pm on Vermont PBS | Additional air times
A showcase of films from the Scout Film Festival, an annual international event that celebrates teen filmmakers through short film in Stowe, Vermont. All films are written, produced and directed by filmmakers 18 and under. Scout Film Festival produces a 3-day event in January of each year to honor the passion, talent and accomplishments of these young storytellers by showcasing their films.

Recent Highlights
If Stone Could Speak

Premiered Thursday, February 28, 07:00 pm | Additional air times
Stonecutters emigrated from northern Italy to Barre, Vermont, the "Granite Capital of the World." Follow the artisans and their families from quarries, workshops and schools in Italy to granite carving sheds in New England, as they seek their own identities, choosing what to keep and what to cut away from their American and Italian legacies.
Expires: 2019-05-22
The Story of Vermont's Quiet Digital Revolution

Premiered Thursday, February 21, 07:00 pm | Additional air times | Watch preview
A new social media network within and exclusively for residents of Vermont called "Front Porch Forum" that focused on "hyper-local" communication. Although almost completely unknown outside of Vermont's borders, within them a characteristically quiet digital revolution was underway.
Expires: 2020-02-08
Beerology: Vermont IPA

Premiered Thursday, February 7, 07:00 pm | Additional air times
A comprehensive look at the people who make and enjoy Vermont India Pale Ale beers. Why is the IPA style of beer so popular, and what makes Vermont once of the best places in the world to find one? Which Vermont IPAs are traditional to the original English IPA and how have these Vermont beers evolved? Join director Ian Sweet as he travels the state in search of answers to these questions and more.
Expires: 2022-02-15
Meet The Makers

Premiered Thursday, February 14, 07:00 pm | Additional air times | Watch Preview
The Vermont Food Venture Center profiles local farm and food entrepreneurs. From hot sauces to grass-fed beef, from veggie burgers to orchardists, these Makers represent the wide range of Vermont-based food businesses.

Expires: 2020-01-04
Stories From the Slopes

At one point, there were close to 80 ski areas in the four counties of Western Massachusetts and today there are less than a dozen. Stories From the Slopes, takes a nostalgic look back at the golden era of alpine skiing in this region.

Broadcast times
Expires: 2022-01-20
2.5 Million

Follows American skier Aaron Rice as he sets out to ski 2.5 million human-powered vertical feet in the backcountry and set a new world record. To be successful Aaron will have to ski over 330 days in the calendar year and chase snow around the world. The challenge is both physical and mental and injuries are not an option.

Broadcast times | Preview
The Way Up

A backcountry ski film from a group of friends and dads who set out to document a shared experience and portray the ups and downs of the sport from a weekend warrior perspective. Filmed in Vermont, New York & New Hampshire.

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