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Enjoy a broad range of content "Made Here" by regional filmmakers as selected by Vermont PBS. See the world from unique and vast perspectives.

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Catch a new season of Made Here, only on Vermont PBS. Begins September 2.

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Most premieries become available to stream same time as broadcast (depending on license rights from producers).  Episodes (premieres and repeats) broadcast on our main channel Thursdays 7:00 - 11:00 pm. Search "Made Here" in our interactive TV schedule to find current broadcast times. Stream all available episodes in our video player, or scroll down for most recent season and extras. 

The X Factor: Women In New England Politics

Thursday, October 21, 08:00 pm on Vermont PBS | Duration: 0:59 | Airings

2020 marks the centenary of the 19th Amendment protecting a woman's right to vote yet women are still politically under-represented in the U.S. The X Factor looks at New England's trailblazing women and their impact on the political landscape.

Natasha Mayers: An Un-Still Life

Thursday, October 28, 08:00 pm on Vermont PBS | Duration: 0:40 | Airings

Artist. Trickster. Activist. Natasha Mayers inspires audiences as a truthful, fun-loving role model. Known as the "most committed activist artist" in Maine, Senator George Mitchell called her a "state treasure". Winner of the 2021 Made Here Film Festival Best Documentary

Alan Magee: Art Is Not A Solace

Thursday, November 4, 08:00 pm on Vermont PBS | Duration: 1:01 | Airings

This is a remarkable film about the life of a highly creative Maine artist at work and- something so often ignored when we talk about artists- the great lies and injustices of the times in which we live.

Recent Highlights


Browse all available episodes from all seasons in these curated collections!

Arts & Culture

Discover films showcasing cultural heritage and the arts.

Explore Québec

Explore the history and culture of Québec through a series of films from the National Film Board of Canada.

Fiction Films

See stories that are focused on our community, made by community members.

Health & Wellness

Discover how regional filmmakers are addressing a wide range of important health-related topics in this collection of films focused on health & wellness.


Learn about significant people and events in the history of Vermont and the surrounding region.

Nature & The Environment

Explore the natural word and environment of our region.

Public Affairs & Social Issues

Encounter diverse perspectives on a range of public affairs topics and contemporary social issues.

Short Films

Short on time? Check out our collection of short films from Vermont and the surrounding region. There's a variety of fascinating local stories to explore in thirty minutes or less.

Sports & Recreation

Enjoy films focused on sports and recreation in the great outdoors.

Student Filmmakers

Watch documentary and fiction films by talented young filmmakers from a range of colleges and festivals.

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Filmmaker Interviews

Learn the fascinating perspectives of some of our filmmakers of Made Here episodes.


Q&A with Bess O'Brien and Tricia Long

The director of Coming Home, and producer of Downstream.


Q&A with Alan Dater & Lisa Merton

Interview with Alan Dater & Lisa Merton, the producers of Burned: Are Trees The New Coal? Recorded with Made Here host Eric Ford at the Vermont PBS studio.


Q&A with "Voice Of America" filmmaker Rick Moulton

Interview with Rick Moulton of Huntington, VT about his recent film, Voice of America.


Q&A with Mark Utter and Emily Anderson

"Why did you want to make a film about your life?" Made Here host Eric Ford asks "I am in here." writer and star Mark Utter this question and more in a special Q&A with Mark and producer and communication support Emily Anderson. #StandUpForAutism. Learn more at Mark's website


Q&A with Cami Davis and Peter vanderWilden

Interview with artist Cami Davis, and Peter vanderWilden, filmmaker of "Response: A Portrait of 4 Environmental Artists."