Qulture - (a mash-up of ‘Québec’ and Culture’) explores the thriving arts scene and unique artistic talent in and around Montréal.

Season 2

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Ep.1: @ MTL Comiccon – Palais de Congrès


This amateur competition showcases amazing costumes by novice and master creators who are fans of comics, Japanese anime and video games. Qulture learns about cosplay from internationally renowned cosplay Master Celtic Sakura as she judges the entrants in the 2018 Masquerade at MTL Comiccon.

#2 – August 19

El-Salomons – Just For Laughs

She’s funny. So is she. Qulture visits the El-Salomons, a comedy duo who find the funny in life as a married couple from Montréal living in NYC!

#3 – August 26

PoutineFest – Old Port

Qulture samples the sights, sounds and tastes of a unique Québec dish at Poutinefest in Montréal’s Old Port.

#4 – September 2

Chef George Lenser

George Lenser is an indigenous chef originally from British Columbia but living and working in Montréal. He aims to create an awareness of indigenous culture through food and one day, plans to open his own restaurant specializing in indigenous cuisine.

#5 – September 9

Laval Brewers Festival

Qulture visits La Festival des Bières de Laval in Laval, Québec and the Vermont Brewers Festival to discover what they have in common—exceptional craft beer!

#6 – September 16

MTL Pride

Qulture celebrates Montréal’s vibrant and diverse LGBTQ+ community with activist Guiliana Contavalli at the MTL Pride parade, the city’s largest parade.

#7 – September 23

Fashion and Design Festival -
Quartier des Spectacles

Qulture follows local designer Gabriel Bachand from KATA Fashion Company as he unveils his designs at the 2018 Fashion and Design Festival, North America’s largest outdoor fashion event.

Season 1

Sugar Sammy, Street Art, and the Voix de Ville

Rating: NR

Qulture It’s not a misspelling, but a mash-up, as Vermont PBS heads to downtown Montréal for a bit of cutting-edge Québec culture! In partnership with Montreal’s weekly arts publication, CULT #MTL, Qulture takes a look at current arts and cultural happenings in Montreal. It dips into the city’s street art and comedy scenes.

Season 1
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Sugar Sammy, Street Art, and the Voix de Ville
Episode 1
Sugar Sammy, Street Art, and the Voix de Ville
Music festival, John Long, Punk Rock
episode 2
Music festival, John Long, Punk Rock
Storytelling in Montréal
episode 3
Storytelling in Montréal
Video game scene in Montréal
episode 4
Video game scene in Montréal
Chez Boris - a Russian donut shop
Chez Boris - a Russian donut shop

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