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Changes to Channel 41 (WVTA)

If you receive Vermont PBS on Channel 41 (WVTA) over the air, via antenna – please read below.

What is happening

As of April 2, 2019, Vermont PBS’ Channel 41 (WVTA) broadcast signal (from Mt. Ascutney in Windsor) is moving to Channel 28.

IMPORTANT: You can RESCAN NOW for our new Channel 28 signal!

This change only affects viewers who receive Vermont PBS on Channel 41 over the air, via antenna.
If you currently receive Vermont PBS on any of our other broadcast channels (28, 33, 20, 46, 30), or via a cable or satellite dish service, you will not be affected.

What this means for you

Those who view Vermont PBS on Channel 41, over the air via antenna, will need a VHF-capable antenna and will need to have their television rescan for channels to find our new channel lineup.

You can RESCAN NOW for our new Channel 28 signal.

Once found, our new Channel 28 lineup looks like this:
  • 28.1: Vermont PBS Main Channel
  • 28.2: Vermont PBS Plus Channel
  • 28.3: Vermont PBS Create Channel
  • 28.4: Vermont PBS Kids Channel
What you need to do

Viewers who receive Channel 41 over the air, via antenna, may need to take a couple of steps in order to receive us on Channel 28:

You’ll need a VHF-capable antenna. Channel 41’s current signal is UHF, and our new broadcast signal is VHF. If you currently have a UHF-only antenna, chances are it won’t pick up our new channel. If you don’t currently have a VHF or combination VHF/UHF antenna with preamplifier, you’ll probably need one.

  • Some folks may be able to receive us with an indoor VHF-capable antenna.
    For many, reception will be much improved with an outdoor, rooftop VHF antenna with preamplifier. Click here for antenna recommendations.
  • A rooftop model will also allow you to more readily direct the antenna toward the signal source. Our online Channel Finder (below) will be able to help determine your best signal source, based on your location.

With your VHF-capable antenna in place, you’ll need to perform a re-scan on your TV for available channels.
After April 2, your TV set will no longer find our previous Channel 41 broadcast signal. A re-scan will enable it to locate our new channels on 28.1, 28.2, 28.3 & 28.4.

Again, you can RESCAN NOW for our new Channel 28 signal.

The rescanning function varies with different TV models. Check your TV owner's manual or on-screen menu options for instructions.
You can also click here for general steps to guide you through the process, and for links to rescanning information for different TV models.

Note: Due to the broadcast specifications associated with this change, and to the unpredictable nature of broadcast reception in mountainous terrain, it is likely that some current over-the-air, Channel 41 viewers will lie outside the reach of our new Channel 28 signal and will not be able to receive Vermont PBS over the air.

It is also possible, with a good UHF antenna, you may be able to receive one of our other (UHF) broadcast signals: Ch. 33, Mt. Mansfield; Ch. 20, St. Johnsbury; Ch. 46, Bennington; Ch. 30, Manchester.

Please contact us for alternative options to continue receiving Vermont PBS programming.

Our online Channel Finder (scroll down below) can help determine your likelihood of receiving our new – or one of our existing – broadcast signals.

If you've rescanned and can't get Channel 28, we want to help! Please complete the following form and we will be in touch.
Complete information regarding your location will enable us to help you better.

For those who may lose us, but have access to other services
  • Cable systems across Vermont, and some in New Hampshire, carry Vermont PBS as part of their program offerings.
  • For viewers in central and eastern parts of the state, Vermont PBS is also carried on DirecTV and Dish Network.
  • For those with broadband access, much Vermont PBS content is also available online – at and – for longer term access – through our Passport video streaming service.
  • For more information, and help guiding you through this transition, call our help line at 1-888-999-1777 or email us.
Why is this happening?
This change is a result of the recently completed Spectrum Auction conducted nationally by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), intended to reclaim essential broadcast spectrum capacity to accommodate expanding wireless communications and public safety needs. As a result of that auction, Vermont PBS is required to reassign its broadcast signal for Channel 41. Vermont PBS is one of many stations across the country currently undergoing a broadcast reassignment. As part of that change, our reassigned channel numbers will be broadcasting in a lower power VHF bandwidth rather than UHF.
Helpful Links
Antenna Recommendations - We strongly recommend a roof-top antenna with pre-amplifier.

Re-scanning for Channels - Your TV will need to find our new channel. – Additional information from the National Association of Broadcasters.

Vermont PBS Channel Finder

Find your best signal source, based on your location.
Simply enter your street address or zip code to determine what channels should be available in your viewing area.

Please note: Our Channel Finder tool provides an estimation of signal strength based on geographic location. It is not a guarantee of signal reception, which can be affected by a variety of factors.) Your reception of our new VHF broadcast signal will be enhanced with a good rooftop antenna. If you don’t currently have a rooftop VHF-capable antenna, we strongly recommend having an authorized antenna dealer/installer perform a signal test at your location.