Regularly scheduled programming of ‘Charlie Rose’ has been suspended.
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Vermont PBS channel
Vermont PBS Main Channel
Your favorite national shows and
locally-produced programming.
Your favorite national shows and
locally-produced programming.

November: Primetime Grid | Detailed
Vermont PBS Plus channel
Vermont PBS Plus
More programming from
local and regional producers, and the WorldChannel. Download Plus Overview

November: Primtetime Grid | Detailed
Vermont PBS Kids channel
Vermont PBS Kids
Educational kids shows like
Curious George, Wild Kratts,
and Daniel Tiger

November: Primetime Grid | Detailed
Create channel
Cooking, travel,
home improvement and more.

November: Primtetime Grid | Detailed
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Vermont PBS is celebrating 50 years of educating Vermonters and building stronger communities. We continue to bring all the insights, discoveries, controversies, cultures, excitement, and entertainment the world has to offer to our viewers.

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A look back at our early days with beautifully restored archival footage and interviews.

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