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Past Recommendations

For March & April - Angela recommends...

"The 272-mile Long Trail follows Green Mountain ridge lines from one end of Vermont to another. It was created by the Green Mountain Club in the 1910s and '20s, and became the inspiration for the much longer Appalachian Trail, which runs all the way from Georgia to Maine. Depending on your pace, it can take you anywhere between two weeks and more than a month to hike the Long Trail. So what is that experience like? Lace up your boots and join Brave Little State, VPR's people-powered journalism show, as we tag along with "thru-hikers" and hear about the figurative — and literal — highs and lows of their journey."

Angela Evancie  
Director of Engagement Journalism | Executive Producer, 
Brave Little State

For February - Eric recommends...

"Legacy of Love from director Roberto Mighty of Boston, brings to light the mostly unknown story of Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott’s formative years in 1950’s Boston, where they met as students, fell in love, and started on the road to becoming worldwide leaders and iconic symbols for civil rights. Legacy of Love is an endearing story that sheds light on the part of King’s story that has New England roots, and we are so happy to have this local story as part of the Made Here series"

Eric Ford
Director of Content Partnership 

For January - Melody recommends...

"Caregivers and teachers know that kids have a lot of questions. But Why has answers! Our podcast tackles questions about science, history, culture and more with seriousness and a little bit of silliness. But Why is made for 5 to 11 year-olds but we often hear from families that listen together in the car and from teachers who use the podcast in the classroom for engaged listening. My favorite recent episodes are How Deep Is the Ocean? And Why Do We Wear Clothes?"

Melody Bodette 
Senior Producer, But Why 
Vermont Public Radio 



For December (2021) - James recommends...

"Join VPR on a journey into the events, characters and concepts that shaped our Western musical tradition. We start at the very beginning and trace music throughout history. Along the way we see how art, history, philosophy and science intersect. This music, and its history, is ours."

James Stewart  
Producer and Classical Host  
Vermont Public Radio 


For November (2021) - Martha recommends...

"Utilizing Ken Burns in the Classroom is a powerful and engaging way to address cultural themes throughout U.S. History by drawing in middle and high school-aged students with high-quality research, authentic footage, and multiple perspectives evidenced in Ken Burns’ documentaries. Educators can focus on specific themes or eras in history, or they can develop interdisciplinary opportunities and ask students to bring a social studies lens to clips focused on content areas such as sports, music, and science."

Martha Deiss 
Vermont Agency of Education 
Global Citizenship Specialist



For October (2021) - Katie recommends...

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

“As a preschooler in the late 70’s, Mr. Rogers was iconic to me and my generation. He instilled the idea of being kind, mindful, empathetic, thoughtful, and loving yourself. These same principles live on in the Emmy-winning Daniel Tigers’ Neighborhood which I was joyfully able to share with my own daughter. Daniel and his 4-year-old friends sing helpful songs to reinforce themes like respect, imagination, and social skills. I promise your children will never forget them, nor will you!  Check out some new adventures for Daniel and his friends this back-to-school season. ”

Katie McCarthy, M.Ed. 
IDEA Part B 619 Coordinator 
Early Education Team - Vermont Agency of Education 


For September (2021) - Lori recommends...

Molli of Denali

Molly of Denali is an inspiring series for early elementary aged children that explores diverse cultures and engages viewers in characters' problem-solving adventures, learning experiences, and character education and development. The accompanying resource collection includes discussion questions, information texts, related activities and other lesson support materials for teachers and families that extend the learning experience beyond the program.”

Lori Dolezal
Vermont Agency of Education



For August (2021) - Emily recommends...

Shakespeare Uncovered

Shakespeare Uncovered is an excellent series that explores Shakespeare’s famous plays. The accompanying resource collection includes media clips from the series, bundled around specific themes and topics, as well as lesson plans. Experiencing Shakespeare is another superb Shakespeare resource that brings the Bard to life for students, helping them to understand his language and appreciate his work” 

Emily Leute, ELA Content Specialist
Proficiency-Based Learning Team
Vermont Agency of Education


For July (2021), Heather D. recommends...

Teacher Planning Kits for New School Routines | End of Year

“I love this kit. This is the EASIEST way to find great learning resources by age and content area. If you enjoy this collection of resources, there are 3 other planning kits that come with recorded webinar tutorials and evergreen activities within a bundled curriculum.” 


Highlights dozens of great resources and lessons you can use with your students—regardless of grade level—through the end of the school year. Find free professional learning opportunities and support for your students’ families.