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The Vietnam War, a 10-part, 18-hour documentary film series co-directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick.

Ten years in the making, the project is widely considered to be Burns’ most ambitious yet. The monumental look at this challenging piece of history features dozens of people at the epicenter of the country’s Vietnam experience, from veterans to journalists to protesters, along with voices from both South and North Vietnam.

The series is not currently airing, but you can watch clips and learn more at or purchase the series on DVD at

Community forums and submission invites by Vermont PBS has since completed, but please view the compelling Vermont stories below!

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"Burns and Novick's primary objective is to spark a national conversation about the meaning of Vietnam -
a conversation they feel we've never really had."

Vermont resident MikeHeaney, a consultant on the filmwho has an on-screen appearance, served in the war as an infantry platoon leader,
whose unit was ambushed and nearly annihilated. He has devoted much of his life to working with troubled veterans and memorializing the sacrifices of comrades.

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The Vietnam War - Vermont Perspectives

Vermonters share their experiences and perspectives of the Vietnam War. Select from videos below or watch entire playlist.
"I was there to help people survive the war..." Rusty Sachs
"This is the first memorial to Vietnam Veterans in the country..." Paul Rumph (Thetford, VT)
"I was pissed, I was angry, but I kept that in..." - Paul Rumph (Thetford, VT)
"Others would exhaust every single path to avoid the draft..." Bridget Downey-Meyer / Louise Andrews
"What he did was selfless, and I always felt cheated..."- Linda Scholtz (Williamstown, VT)
"Mom, I've decided I'm going to Canada..." - Jack Todd (Montreal, QC)
"You've got a friend, and they're dying, and they're calling for their mom..."- David Ross (Milton, VT)
"Felt like it happened this morning..."Cliff Adams (Barre, VT)
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