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Vermont PBS presents election coverage of state and federal races.

The VPR - Vermont PBS Debates

Vermont Public Radio and Vermont PBS collaborate on the VPR – Vermont PBS Debates, bringing you a series of pre-recorded primary candidate debates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor leading up to Vermont’s primary election on August 11.

Recordings of the recently broadcasted debates can be streamed below. Audio recordings are available at candidates were invited to participate, and viewers were invited to submit questions in advance. The debates were conducted remotely via Zoom.

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Republican Gubernatorial Primary Debate


Governor (Republican)

Wednesday, July 22

Hosted by Bob Kinzel

  • Douglas Cavett
  • John Klar
  • Bernard Peters
  • Emily Peyton
  • Phil Scott

Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Debate


Governor (Democrat)

Tuesday, July 21

Hosted by Jane Lindholm

  • Ralph Corbo
  • Rebecca Holcombe
  • Patrick Winburn
  • David Zuckerman

Democratic Lt. Gubernatorial Primary Debate


Lieutenant Governor (Democrat)

Thursday, July 16

Hosted by Jane Lindholm

  • Tim Ashe
  • Molly Gray
  • Debbie Ingram
  • Brenda Siegel

Republican Lt. Gubernatorial Primary Debate


Lieutenant Governor (Republican)

Tuesday, July 14

Hosted by Bob Kinzel

  • Dana Colson
  • Meg Hansen
  • Jim Hogue
  • Scott Milne

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