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Antenna Information & Recommendations

Vermont PBS’s replacement signal for Channel 41 antenna reception will be VHF.
Previously, Channel 41 has been broadcasting a UHF signal. (Our other broadcast channels – 33, 20, 30, 46 – remain UHF.)

To receive this new broadcast signal over the air, you’ll need a VHF antenna.
If you don’t already have one, we strongly recommend a combination VHF/UHF rooftop antenna with preamplifier to enhance your reception.


VHF-only Rooftop Antenna: Stellar Labs “Deep Fringe” Directional Antenna.

Combo VHF/UHF Rooftop Antenna: Winegard Platinum Series Antenna
Note: With the Winegard Combo antenna, we strongly recommend adding a preamp.
Recommended Preamp: Winegard LNA-200

VHF-High Gain Rooftop Antenna: Fracarro BLV6F

Your local electronics dealer/installer may have additional recommendations.

Links to additional information and antenna options: