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Got an idea?

Do you have a show or production idea for Vermont PBS?

Whether it’s just an idea or if you are a content producer or community organization looking to partner with us to create content, this is the place to start.

Our Mission:
Vermont PBS connects neighbors through stories that change lives.

Throughout the year we are occasionally looking for content ideas. Stories about Vermont, Vermont communities, our surrounding region and the wider world. Stories that speak to what it’s like to live here, now – or vignettes from our past. Content of any length, or episodic – we are interested in relevant, inspiring, educational and connective concepts – stories that celebrate Vermont. Ideas that relate to subjects that most interest our viewers include: Outdoors/Recreation, Food/Localvore, History & Culture.

How it works.

Submitting an idea is easy – simply answer some questions below to start the process. Once we receive your information, we will review internally on a regular basis as a team and get back to you regarding next steps. We receive a lot of ideas and requests, so we must weigh all factors including, scope, budget and concept to make decisions. Ideas should be entirely new, and not something you have seen on Vermont PBS or other local stations currently or in the past.

We review concepts on a quarterly basis, and ask that you submit either:

a) Production ideas that could be produced any time – not time sensitive
b) Production ideas that could be produced no earlier than 6 months from the time submitted