Celebrating 50 years of service as Vermont’s public broadcaster

On October 16, we celebrate 50 years of service as Vermont’s public broadcaster! Because we couldn’t have done it without you to watch, engage with us and inspire us, we’d like to give you a present. 

Scroll down to watch our 50th Special, and free admission to partner destinations!

The Vermont PBS 50th Anniversary Special

Focused around our first decade of operation, the show will look back at our early days with beautifully restored archival footage and interviews with past employees.  Immediately following, we’ll show a complete program from our archive, Land of Promise, from 1974.  The award-winning show focuses on the dairy industry in Franklin County, giving us a fascinating look back at a topic that is still relevant today.
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Vermont PBS 50th Anniversary Special
Vermont PBS 50th Anniversary Special
50 years of Vermont PBS!
50 years of Vermont PBS!

We’ve partnered with the following Vermont destinations during our birthday week to provide free admission.

October 16

ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain
Free admission from 1-5 pm.

October 17

Vermont Institute of
Natural Science
Free admission all day

October 19

Shelburne Museum
Free admission for people 17 and under.

October 16-20

From the Archives

In honor of our 50th Anniversary here at Vermont PBS, we are launching something new called From The Archives. Over the past year we’ve been finding, researching and transferring programs from our past. These programs contain a treasure trove of our shared history and culture and we are excited to make them available for viewing once again!


Vermont PBS Historical Timeline

Take a look back through 50 years of Vermont PBS history!