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How are Vermonters feeling about the coronavirus pandemic, the economy and racial bias? VPR and Vermont PBS provide you the results of three statewide public opinion surveys, providing valuable insight into the minds of Vermonters in the 2020 presidential election year.

The polls were conducted by Braun Research under the direction of Rich Clark, professor of political science at Castleton University and the former director of the Castleton Polling Institute. The full results, methodology, and appendices are described along with the polls at VPR and Vermont PBS provided extensive broadcast and digital coverage and analysis of the results throughout the week of each poll release.

#1 - February

If the presidential primary election were held today, which candidate would you support? What about the governor’s race? Would you favor or oppose state taxes to reduce carbon emissions? Is it a problem Vermont has never elected a woman to Congress?

#2 - July

Do you approve of the job Gov. Phil Scott has done handling the COVID-19 pandemic? What about issues related to race in Vermont? Given the coronavirus, do you favor or oppose K-12 schools opening this fall? How much trust and confidence do you have in your local law enforcement?

#3 - September

How are Vermonters feeling about the upcoming national and local elections, the state’s handling of the coronavirus, and the reopening of schools and universities this fall?