Closer To Truth

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Season 17

Science And The Future Of Humanity (#1713)

Airs: Friday, August 11
Humankind has learned so much, so fast. What are the risks of scientific knowledge? Look to the ...

Is The Universe Theologically Ambiguous? (#1712)

Airs: Friday, August 4
Scientists split on whether the universe confirms or denies God. Though most leading scientists do ...

How Did The Universe Begin? (#1711)

Airs: Friday, July 28
How things start helps reveal what things are. How to conceive the beginning of the universe? What ...

What Exists? (#1710)

Lots of things exist. But what's truly fundamental? The challenge is to discern the minimum number ...

Why Philosophy Of Physics & Cosmology? (#1709)

The observable universe may contain two trillion galaxies and there may be innumerable universes. ...

Observing Physics, Observing Nature? (#1708)

Why is an observer key to quantum physics? Does the act of observation affect what exists and what ...

Huston Smith: Tribute To A Religious Visionary (#1707)

Huston Smith, world religion scholar and seeker of the Divine in diverse religions, died on ...

What Is God's Own Being? (#1706)

To what kind of entity does the word "God" refer? What is this God that all worship or dismiss? ...

Can Metaphysics Discern God II? (#1705)

Metaphysics seeks insights into fundamental features of existence: It does not depend on human ...

Can Metaphysics Discern God I? (#1704)

How to think about God rationally, logically, profoundly, critically. We have no illusion that ...

How The Subconscious Affects Us (#1703)

There is more to our mental lives than the current content of our awareness. Our subconscious ...

How Does Faith Work? (#1702)

Can God be known only by faith? What is faith? What does faith feel like? Can faith be actionable, ...

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