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Season 13

Episode #1304

Airs: Friday, November 28

Episode #1303

Airs: Friday, November 21

Episode #1302

Airs: Friday, November 14

Episode #1301

Airs: Friday, November 7

Season 12

Why Anything At All? (#1213)

Why is there a world, a cosmos, something-instead of absolutely nothing at all? Of all the big ...

What Is Nothing? (#1212)

What if nothing ever existed? Scientists claim that the universe came from nothing. But what's the ...

Panentheism: Is The World In God? (#1211)

The search for God leads to strange ideas. Compare Pantheism, God is the world, with Panentheism, ...

Why Seek An Alternative God? (#1210)

God, if there is a God, a personal, conscious, all-powerful Supreme Being? Some offer radically ...

Why Obsess About Free Will? (#1209)

Airs: Friday, October 31
Free will probes consciousness, examines what it means to pick, choose, select, decide. But some ...

Does Cosmic Fine Tuning Demand Explanation? (#1208)

The universe works for us because of deep physical laws. But if the values of these laws would much ...

Why Do We Sleep? (#1207)

Why do we spend so much of our lives not awake? What do sleeping and dreaming reveal about ...

Can Philosophy Of Religion Find God? (#1206)

Does God exist? What are God's attributes and traits? How to examine such questions about God? ...

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