Best Of The Joy Of Painting

Episode Guide

Season 31

Bright Autumn Trees (#3147)

Bob Ross teaches us to capture the exciting colors of autumn on canvas in this spectacular ...

Mountain Glory (#3133)

Airs: Thursday, December 29
Bob Ross paints magnificent background mountains and nearby greenery -- all in one beautiful ...

Night Light (#3132)

Airs: Tuesday, December 27
A lighthouse has been the saving grace for many a sailor during the night. Visit this stormy ...

Dark Waterfall (#3131)

Airs: Thursday, December 22
Watch Bob Ross and his amazing paint brushes create a wonderful little waterfall in the middle of ...

Sunset Oval (#3130)

Airs: Tuesday, December 20
Bob Ross paints a colorful mountain landscape in a truly different oval-in-a-square on canvas. ...

Covered Bridge (#3129)

Airs: Thursday, December 15
Bob Ross paints a country covered-bridge without disturbing the lovely forest background. A ...

Oval Barn (#3128)

Airs: Tuesday, December 13
As if by magic, Bob Ross paints an old country barn in an oval -- with snowy trees and bushes ...

Mountain Reflections (#3127)

With his trusty paint brushes in hand, Bob Ross takes us to a beautiful hideaway nested below a ...

Double Oval Fantasy (#3126)

Bob Ross shows you how to paint two beautiful landscape ovals, harmonized into one masterpiece on ...

High Tide (#3125)

Bob Ross' gentle brush strokes create bending palm trees on the edge of a sea coast, just before ...

Southwest Serenity (#3124)

Experience the astonishing beauty of a spectacular Southwest desert, developed from the amazing ...

Covered Bridge Oval (#3123)

Cross a frozen stream under the shelter of a covered bridge and enjoy the tranquilty of a beautiful ...

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