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Season 3

Thirsty For Knowledge (#304)

Airs: Monday, September 28
Gary and the crew travel to Connecticut to visit with Denisha, the owner of Plucked Admissions, an ...

Spirits Lifted (#303)

Airs: Monday, September 21
Gary and the crew travel to New Haven, Connecticut to talk to Stacey, the owner of Air Temple Arts, ...

Maple Alley (#302)

Airs: Monday, September 14
Gary and the crew head to Vermont to talk to Dori the owner of Tonewood, a unique business that ...

Coupon Cutter (#301)

Airs: Monday, September 7
Gary and the crew travel to Detroit, MI to talk to Sebastian, the owner of Social Club Grooming ...

Season 2

Board To The Core: Salemtown Board Co./Meckley's (#213)

Airs: Thursday, September 24
Gary and the crew head to Nashville, TN to talk with Will who created Salemtown Board Company, a ...

Maids Quarters: Eco-Friendly/Orbit (#212)

Airs: Wednesday, September 23
Gary and the crew head to Atlanta, GA to talk to Alex who created Eco-Friendly maid service, a ...

Tap The Falls: Above The Falls/Mob Craft (#211)

Airs: Sunday, September 20
Gary and the crew head to Minneapolis, MN to talk to Bob who started Above the Falls, a Kayak ...

A Hole In One: Strange Donuts / Silverleaf (#210)

Airs: Sunday, September 13
Gary and the crew head to St. Louis, MO to talk to Cory and Jason who created Strange Donuts, a ...

The Art Of Family: Millarrich/Zappow (#209)

Airs: Sunday, September 6
Gary and the crew head to Nashville, TN to meet with Susan and Rowan who started MillarRich, a ...

Clothing Drive: Celebrity Bus Drivers Academy/Made (#208)

Airs: Thursday, September 17
Gary and the crew head to Nashville, TN to talk with Chip, who created Celebrity Bus Drivers ...

Wooly You Like To Be Seated?: Appalache/Cleveland (#207)

Airs: Wednesday, September 16
Gary and the crew head to Asheville, NC to talk to Grace and Mariano who started Appalache, an ...

Cultured Club: Yotopia/Murfie (#206)

Airs: Tuesday, September 15
Gary and the crew head to Iowa City, IA to meet with Veronica who created Yotopia, Iowa Cities ...

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