America Reframed

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Season 2

Broken Heart Land (#222)

On an early autumn afternoon, in his parent's ranch in Norman, Oklahoma, gay teen Zack Harrington ...

Reserved To Fight (#221)

In May 2003, Fox Company of Marine Reserve Unit 2/23 returned home from front-line combat in Iraq. ...

Dignity Harbor (#220)

One of nine documentary nominees for the 2012 Student Academy Award, Dignity Harbor chronicles a ...

Come Hell Or High Water: The Battle For Turkey Cre (#219)

Airs: Tuesday, December 16
Come Hell or High Water: The Battle for Turkey Creek follows the painful but inspiring journey of ...

Deputized (#218)

In the aftermath of a senseless hate crime, an all-American town finds itself desperately seeking ...

Town Hall (#217)

Airs: Sunday, November 23
TOWN HALL casts an unflinching eye at Katy and John, two Tea Party activists from the battleground ...

Rachel Is (#216)

Filmmaker Charlotte Glynn moves home to chronicle her sister Rachel's last year in school. Rachel ...

Mothers Of Bedford (#215)

Eighty percent of women in US prisons today are mothers of school-age children. Filmmaker Jenifer ...

Lulu Sessions (#213)

Airs: Tuesday, December 30
LuLu is unlike anyone you've ever met. A hard-living, chain-smoking rebel with a tender heart. A ...

The Prep School Negro (#212)

uAndre Robert Lee and his sister grew up in the ghettos of Philadelphia. Their mother struggled to ...

Drivers Wanted (#211)

Airs: Tuesday, December 23
Drivers Wanted reveals the impossibly eclectic community inhabiting a taxi garage in Queens, New ...

Downeast (#210)

Airs: Tuesday, December 9
Set during an era of U.S. post-industrialization in which numerous factories have been exported, ...

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