It's Sew Easy

Episode Guide

Season 9

Fashionable Sleeves - The Late 1920s (#904)

Airs: Wednesday, September 30
Sleeves became important as women spent more time outdoors and synthetic fabrics became popular. ...

All That Jazz - The 1920s (#903)

Airs: Sunday, September 27
As the 1920s roared in, women bared their shoulders and danced to the latest jazz. Angela Wolf ...

Doing More With Less - 1910-1919 (#902)

Airs: Wednesday, September 23
Supplies were scarce during the First World War Fabric details replaced laces and trims. Londa ...

The Turn Of The Century - The 1900s (#901)

Airs: Sunday, September 20
Vintage fashions still inspire today's designers. Rebecca Kemp Brent shows how to make an elegant ...

Season 8

The Me Decade - The 1970s (#813)

Airs: Wednesday, September 16
The Energy Crisis, inflation and the gas shortage ushered in the 1970's. There were no fashion ...

The Counterculture - The Late 1960s (#812)

Airs: Sunday, September 13
We were headed to the moon! Back on earth, the hippie movement took hold with loose-fitting, fluid ...

The British Invasion - The 1960s (#811)

Airs: Wednesday, September 9
Technology exploded and new music, fashion and ideas flooded in from England and beyond. Fashion ...

The Space Race Begins - The Late 1950s (#810)

Airs: Sunday, September 6
Nations raced to put satellites into space and the fashion scene took a futuristic step toward ...

The 1950s - Boom And Rock (#809)

In the 1950's, every teenager had a transistor radio and went to the sock hop. Designer and sewing ...

Fashion Inside And Out - The Late 1940s (#808)

As the war ended, women wore more tailored garments and pants. Fabric was readily available and ...

The World At War....again - The 1940s (#807)

Factories hummed and women took up men's roles making military supplies as the Second World War ...

After The Big Crash - The 1930s (#806)

The party of the 1920's ended in a big stock market crash, plunging the nation into the Great ...

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