It's Sew Easy

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Season 8

Fashion Inside And Out - The Late 1940s (#808)

Airs: Sunday, August 30
As the war ended, women wore more tailored garments and pants. Fabric was readily available and ...

The World At War....again - The 1940s (#807)

Airs: Wednesday, August 26
Factories hummed and women took up men's roles making military supplies as the Second World War ...

After The Big Crash - The 1930s (#806)

Airs: Sunday, August 23
The party of the 1920's ended in a big stock market crash, plunging the nation into the Great ...

The Golden Era - The Late 1920s (#805)

Airs: Wednesday, August 19
Women were working outside the home, volunteering and voting! It was a time to see and be seen as ...

The Roaring 20s (#804)

Airs: Sunday, August 16
The 20's were a time to celebrate with shorter skirts and lots of glitz. Fashionable women wore ...

The Late Teens - Everything Had Changed (#803)

Airs: Wednesday, August 12
As the war ended, people dressed up more. Coleen Swettman uses computerized embroidery technology ...

The World At War - 1910-1919 (#802)

Airs: Sunday, August 9
As the First World War began, supplies became scarce. Women joined the workforce as men fought ...

The New Century Begins - The 1900s (#801)

Airs: Wednesday, August 5
The Industrial Revolution was in full swing and women ventured beyond their homes into the ...

Season 7

Tucks And Texture (#713)

There are many different ways to manipulate fabric for a textural look and feel. Especially in a ...

Fabric First (#712)

There are many sources for inspiration when choosing a sewing project. Sometimes we find the ...

Something Extra (#711)

Our recurring theme is "let the experts show you how". What experts offer is that little something ...

Accent On Embellishment (#710)

In sewing it's embellishments that are the extra step that takes us from ordinary to extraordinary. ...

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