Paint This With Jerry Yarnell

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Season 11

A Bluebird's Paradise, Part 3 (#1107)

Airs: Friday, October 31
In this stage of the painting (s), Jerry begins the highlight stage of the diptych. Weathered wood ...

A Bluebird's Paradise, Part 2 (#1106)

Airs: Monday, October 27
Jerry begins painting in the connecting limb with a #2 bristle brush making sure to achieve tapered ...

A Bluebird's Paradise, Part 1 (#1105)

Airs: Friday, October 24
Jerry provides step-by-step instruction on how to paint beautiful Eastern bluebirds on a diptych, ...

A Farmer's Icon, Part 4 (#1104)

In the final stage of this painting, Jerry continues highlighting the barn, adds the details of the ...

A Farmer's Icon, Part 3 (#1103)

On this segment of the painting, Jerry adds the middle tones and highlights. Beginning with the ...

A Farmer's Icon, Part 2 (#1102)

Jerry continues blocking in the barn, roof, silos and trees while establishing the contrast and ...

A Farmer's Icon, Part 1 (#1101)

Jerry provides step-by-step instruction on a beautiful nostalgic red barn. While blocking in the ...

Season 10

Color Mixing 101 For Intermediate To Advanced Stud (#1013)

Adobe Sunrise, Part 4 (#1012)

Adobe Sunrise, Part 3 (#1011)

Adobe Sunrise, Part 2 (#1010)

Adobe Sunrise, Part 1 (#1009)

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