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Season 5

The Seed Farmer; Dr. John Navazio-The Organic Seed (#521)

Airs: Sunday, April 26
Home gardeners are increasingly drawn to heirloom seeds for their unusual flavors, colors and of ...

Winter Greenhouse School: Manhattan, Ny (#520)

We visit a public school in the heart of NYC that uses a rooftop greenhouse to teach lessons in ...

Hyper Local - Heirloom Apples & Craft Beers: New H (#519)

Chain grocery stores are only interested in food that ships well and stores long. That is why with ...

Veteran Farmers: Jacksonville, Fl (#518)

As veterans return home from war, a troubled economy can make finding jobs in the private sector ...

Rooftop Farm, Brooklyn, Ny (#517)

Sitting high above rush hour traffic is a full production, organic farm - growing food in only 8-12 ...

Polyface Farms (#516)

Polyface Farms is everything that industrialized farming is not. Here's an in depth look at how ...

Making More Plants - How To Propagate Anything, Nc (#515)

A big part of what hooks someone on gardening is watching a plant grow from seed, or tender young ...

Independent Garden Centers: Austin, Tx (#514)

Local, independently owned nurseries are a vastly under utilized resource and we feature some of ...

Gardening In The Hood; Organic Gardening In An Urb (#513)

Working under the shadows of the downtown skyscrapers of Atlanta, a group lead by urban farmer ...

Putting The Garden To Bed: Atlanta, Ga (#512)

The start of the next gardening season begins with making good decisions much earlier. Joe Lamp'l ...

An Organic Farm Changing Lives; The Center For Dis (#511)

Spend time in a garden or on a farm, and you quickly realize the amazing healing powers they have ...

The Power Of Worms (#510)

While worms are an important ingredient of the soil, they can steal the show in the compost pile. ...

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