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Season 6

Pueblo, Co (#602)

Airs: Thursday, May 28
The Music Voyager team travels to Pueblo, Colorado to experience the ways in which this industrious ...

Telluride (#601)

Airs: Thursday, May 21
Telluride, Colorado, a small city nestled in a breathtaking valley high in the Rocky Mountains, is ...

Season 5

Miami: The Magic City (#503)

Airs: Saturday, May 23
Everyone recognizes Miami's neon glow, golden-sand beaches ad art deco hotels, but few truly know ...

Tohoku: Japan Rising (#502)

Airs: Saturday, May 16
From bedazzling Tokyo, host Jacob Edgar journeys to the region of Tohoku, an area devastated by the ...

Tokyo: A Feast For The Senses (#501)

Airs: Saturday, May 9
The massive metropolis of Tokyo offers a feast for the senses: blinding neon, the bleeps and blips ...

Season 4

Florida: The Other Hollywood (#404)

Airs: Saturday, May 2
Hollywood, Florida often is overshadowed by its California namesake and its flashier neighbor to ...

Aegean Beats Of Turkey (#403)

Airs: Saturday, April 25
Few beaches combine the natural beauty, local cuisine, dynamic culture, nightlife and history like ...

Mystical Cappadocia (#402)

Host Jacob Edgar explores Turkey's mystical side, from trance-inducing whirling dervishes and ...

Istanbul Crossroads (#401)

At the crossroads of the Bosphorous strait sits the sprawling metropolis of Istanbul, which has ...

Season 3

Israel: Tel Aviv - Rocking Israel (#307)

Tel Aviv, Israel's biggest city, is a vibrant and striking blend of old and new. From the ancient ...

Israel: Songs From The Holy Land (#306)

Music Voyager host Jacob Edgar travels to Jerusalem and northern Israel to discover the sights and ...

Israel: Voices From The Desert (#305)

Host Jacob Edgar travels to Israel to attend a once-in-a-lifetime concert of The Idan Raichel ...

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