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Season 36

Episode #3606

Airs: Wednesday, December 31
When we find beautiful gardens and inspired gardeners in a most unsuspecting place it's music to ...

Episode #3605

Airs: Wednesday, December 24
GardenSMART visits a fascinating city where gardens abound. Beautiful gardens combined with very ...

Episode #3604

Airs: Wednesday, December 17
Gardeners in New Orleans feel they have a unique relationship with their gardens. GardenSMART ...

Episode #3603

Airs: Wednesday, December 10
Whether an individual tackling an unloved patch of ground or a whole town pulling together to ...

Episode #3602

Airs: Wednesday, December 3
GardenSMART visits with a garden author who transformed her empty, rectangular backyard into a ...

Episode #3601

Airs: Wednesday, November 26
With the many options available today, the possibilities for container gardening are endless. ...

Season 35

Episode #3513

At GardenSMART few things are more special than spending the day with a gardener and their garden. ...

Episode #3512

Who isn't getting tired of those store bought, tasteless tomatoes? You need not be fearful of ...

Episode #3511

What may be native thus will grow easily in one part of the country may only work in containers in ...

Episode #3510

One of the main reasons gardeners have challenges with certain plants is because they're trying to ...

Episode #3509

With gardening what lies beneath the surface has a huge effect on what we see. There is a lot ...

Episode #3508

Whether a small patio garden or a hundred acre botanical garden, gardens have an amazing way of ...

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