Ciao Italia

Episode Guide

Season 26

Damiano's Gnocchi/Gnocchi Di Damiano (#2626)

Mary Ann travels to La Sosta del Rosselino, a small restaurant near Florence, Italy to discover the ...

Clams/Le Vongole (#2625)

Seafood Super Chef Jasper White brings enough freshly-caught clams to make two fantastic dishes, ...

Cooking For Friends/Cucinando Per Gli Amici (#2624)

It's Sunday when Mary Ann visits Christina and Carla Pallotta, two sisters who are the driving ...

Fresh Ricotta/Ricotta Fresca (#2623)

Good friend an attorney Ciro Poppiti visits Mary Ann nella cucina, with an ample supply of freshly ...

Festival Of The Seven Fishes/La Festa Dei Sette Pe (#2622)

Mayor of Boston, the late (and great) Thomas M. Menino and Mary Ann celebrate their Italian ...

Cooking Live With Robert Irvine/Cucinando Con Robe (#2621)

Mary Ann takes to the stage before a live audience with FoodTV Celebrity chef Robert Irvine and ...

Classic Pasta Of Liguria/La Pasta Classica Di Ligu (#2620)

Food writer and book author Laura Schenone brings a unique Ligurian recipe to Mary Ann's kitchen, ...

Mixed Grill/Spiedo Misto (#2619)

The medieval town of Gubbio, Italy is the site of Taverna del Lupo, the signature restaurant of ...

Rice To The Occasion (#2618)

Public television celebrity Chef Martin Yan joins Mary Ann nella cucina in a salute to rice. With ...

Omelet Party/Festa Di Frittata (#2617)

Airs: Wednesday, August 30
Mary Ann returns to Azienda di Majo in Italy where vintner Alessio di Majo gives her quick tour of ...

Almonds!/Mandorle! (#2616)

Airs: Sunday, August 27
Pastry baker and cookbook author, Jim Dodge, brings his talents -- and almonds -- nella cucina to ...

Torrone! (#2615)

Airs: Wednesday, August 23
It isn't a holiday unless you're eating Torrone, a nut-filled, nougat candy that's hell on earth ...

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