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Season 15

Future House, Nick Offerman (#1514)

Kevin heads to Los Angeles to visit comedian Nick Offerman and tour his woodworking shop. Ross ...

Rooftop Garden, Stains, Shed (#1513)

Landscape designer Jenn Nawada climbs the ladder to learn about rooftop and small-space gardening. ...

Radiator, Saws, Garage Lights (#1512)

Richard to the rescue - see him diagnose a malfunctioning hot water radiator and give a lesson on ...

Bluestone, Mead, Wire Splices (#1511)

Out with the flagstone and in with the bluestone - Roger changes a dilapidated entrance into a ...

Wood Shop, Wireless Switch (#1510)

Chicago's all about the "L" train, but Tom's focused on a one-car garage. Watch him transform the ...

Microgreens, Wheelchair Lift (#1509)

Watch Kevin work with an accessibility contractor to assemble a home elevator for a teen injured ...

Laundry, 3-Way Switch, Saw (#1508)

Airs: Saturday, July 29
High tech and using less water than ever before - Richard's in Seattle to help a couple pick the ...

Reclaimed Bench, Robotic Wall (#1507)

Airs: Monday, July 24
Bedroom, home office and master closet all in one! Watch Ross Trethewey use a robotic wall to ...

Hvac Zoning, Plaster Patch (#1506)

Rocket scientist turned HVAC innovator-watch Richard meet the man behind a new technology that ...

Water Heater, Home Orchard (#1505)

Watch Richard replace a tank water heater with a more efficient model. Apple picking in your own ...

Molding Raceway, Deck Board (#1504)

Unsafe and ready to break - Tom skillfully replaces a cracked deck board on a front porch. See ...

Bookshelf, Foundation Plants (#1503)

Watch Tom and Kevin create a bookshelf using stair treads and minimal tools in "Build It." ...

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