Vermont PBS has opened a search for a Chief Executive Officer with the title of President & CEO who will report directly to the organization's Board of Directors.  The President is responsible for the vision, operation, and management of the Corporation's facilities and activities and shall engage and supervise all personnel.


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Job Description

The President & CEO is the chief executive officer of Vermont PBS with responsibility for managing the Corporation according to Board policies, within State and Federal laws, and for the best interests of the community as defined in Vermont PBS’ mission statement.  He/she has leadership responsibility for developing and nurturing a strong staff to perform the broadcasting, production, engineering, fundraising, promotion, administrative and other vital functions of a public media organization.

From a base of personal experience, the President & CEO will act as a strong advocate for embracing new and emerging communications technologies and entrepreneurial activities to ensure that Vermont PBS is in step with or ahead of the changing interests, needs and media consumption patterns of the citizens of Vermont.

The ideal candidate will be a well-rounded, dynamic, and visionary leader with a deep understanding of the new public media, who can inspire the Vermont PBS staff and partners and propel the organization forward in achieving its mission, strengthening its business model and refreshing its insight into how to be a powerful force in the fast paced and ever changing media environment.



  • Strategic vision – Articulate a unifying strategic vision addressing the interconnections between content selection, content production for television and the web, marketing and promotion, and financial development/security. 
  • Strategic planning – Develop and implement strategic and tactical plans with consultation and, as appropriate, approval of the Board of Directors.
  • Board relationship – Provide timely, accurate and relevant information to the Board of Directors. Solicit the Board’s input and judgment on matters critical to the Corporation’s mission.
  • Staff Leadership – Provide strong management and leadership skills to hire, develop, direct, assess and motivate the professional staff, including organizing and leading the staff for consummate teamwork among individuals and departments.  Will communicate effectively and regularly with the staff on the vision and goals of the organization and the plans and progress in achieving those goals.
  • Legislative/Congressional relations – Develop beneficial relations with the Legislature, the Governor, and the Congressional delegation to foster continued State/Federal support.
  • Budget and administration – Oversee the preparation of budgets and financial plans; ensure compliance with FCC, Corporation for Public Broadcasting and other regulations; supervise administration of the organization.  Ensure cooperative relationship exists between the Corporation and the bargaining unit.
  • Fundraising – Be the public face of Vermont PBS; initiate and participate in all aspects of fundraising, including on-air fundraising, major donor, planned giving and a capital campaign, as may be the case, and assure that income sources are developed through campaign, marketing, promotion and fundraising activities. 
  • Community relations – Identify new and further develop existing community partnerships; represent the organization within the community and reinforce a positive, trusted community image.
  • Program content – Oversee staff and guide the strategic vision for programming and local production.
  • National and regional affairs and organizations – Participate in the governance and decision making of regional and national public broadcasting organizations; engage with peer organizations throughout the Public Broadcasting system to advance the mission and interests of Vermont PBS.



Requires an appropriate related mix of academic background or equivalent experience, for example, Bachelor's degree or higher in Communications, Television, Business or Liberal Arts, or equivalent combination of education and work experience. 



  • Executive management experience.
  • Experience in developing and successfully implementing a strategic plan.
  • Detailed knowledge of new media and emerging technology for public broadcasting preferred.
  • Extensive management experience (5-7 years) and proven leadership ability to direct and nurture a staff.
  • Experience preferred in the broadcasting, production and engineering in a public media organization. Microsoft Office computer skills preferred.
  • Experience managing a baragaining unit workforce a plus.



  • A commitment to the mission of Vermont PBS.
  • Ability to think globally with a progressive vision for Vermont PBS.
  • Must be a highly motivated self-starter who is able to coordinate, and prioritize multiple tasks.
  • Ability to motivate others and promote team work.
  • Ability to set clear standards and evaluation methods.
  • Outgoing, energetic and charismatic leadership.


Who We Are

Vermont PBS is Vermont's statewide and only public television network.  A member station of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Vermont PBS’ mission is to educate, inform, entertain and inspire Vermonters to be lifelong learners and to be engaged in their community. The Vermont PBS signal covers Vermont, as well as bordering regions of New York, New Hampshire and southern Quebec, including Montreal. The station went on the air October 16, 1967 and has served Vermont faithfully for 47 years.

Long a technology leader in the state, we became the first Vermont broadcaster, in 2006, to offer a digital, HD signal. Recently, we became the only Vermont broadcaster to offer a second HD service with the launch of Vermont PBS Plus. Like our PBS brethren across the country, we believe in the power of public media to engage citizens and to improve lives.

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation with 40 employees and revenue of approximately $6 million.  We raise most of our funding from the local community.  Tens of thousands of viewers and local businesses contribute.  Federal and state appropriations provide crucial government support. Revenue is also derived from licensing broadcast tower space to other communications companies and by providing technical and production services to outside clients.


Our Channels of Communication

Vermont PBS serves the region over the air and via cable with four television channels, online at, and in the community with a multitude of special screenings and educational events.  On our main channel we provide high definition (HD) programming that is 80% sourced from PBS, with 20% either produced by our talented in-house production team or from independent producers and distributors. Vermont PBS also carries two PBS-affiliated pass-through channels in standard definition: Create and World.  Create focuses on cooking, travel and “how to” programs. World presents news, current affairs and documentaries.

Vermont PBS is also experimenting with unique online content, which adds to our online on-demand service that allows viewers to see any of our programming via the web.

In July 2014, the station completed the roll out of Vermont PBS Plus – a second statewide HD channel.  This represents an enormous strategic opportunity to partner with regional filmmakers to present the best of regionally produced content that fits our mission.  It also offers the opportunity to partner more deeply with local performing arts organizations and showcase thought-leading lectures and symposiums offered through our academic institutions.   

Vermont PBS programs are available on broadcast channels, cable, satellite and online at  Our website offers a wealth of resources and supplemental information to our local programs, as well as video-on-demand and frequent live streaming of local content.


Our Content

Vermont PBS airs a wide variety of programming 24 hours a day.  On our main channel, Vermont PBS HD, there are 53 hours a week of acclaimed PBS children's programs like "Sesame Street" and “Curious George."  PBS programming for adults includes nature, science, history, drama, documentary, public affairs and performance.  Among viewers' favorite national programs are "Great Performances," "Nova," "Nature," "Masterpiece," "American Experience," "Frontline," "Antiques Roadshow," "PBS News Hour," "Washington Week," Ken Burns documentaries and British comedies and dramas. 

Locally, Vermont PBS produces the weekly series "Outdoor Journal" and "Vermont This Week."  We also produce special, shorter run series such as “Out and About” and documentaries like “Little Jerusalem “and “The Governors.”  Regular local public affairs productions that invite viewer participation include "Report from Washington," "Ask the Governor," "Report from Montpelier" and election-year forums.  We have also filmed, edited and aired special events programs such as the state finals of the high school Poetry Out Loud contest and the Governor’s Community Forum on Opiate Addiction.

In May 2014, we rolled out our first online series: Makin’ Friends with Ryan Miller.  The series leverages the popularity of Vermont musician Ryan Miller who is the lead singer in the nationally recognized band Guster.  Our goals were many.  First, while the series is anchored in Vermont, the content is relevant to national or even international audiences – and made available to them via the web.  Second, the series aims to engage a younger audience with material produced with their interest in mind.  Third, and perhaps most importantly, the series has provided us with a valuable learning experience in producing compelling content for the web – which is fast becoming the channel of choice for many younger viewers.

On the educational front, Vermont’s elementary and high school teachers regularly enrich their lessons with free local and national content from Vermont PBS – especially the wealth of material available online via PBS Learning Media.

In the community, a wide array of engagement activities complement Vermont PBS’ online and broadcast services.  Recent projects include Community Cinema events (free screenings and discussions of independent documentaries, held around the state) and the annual PBS KIDS Writers Contest.



In addition to serving the greater Vermont region, Vermont PBS plays an important role for our cross-border neighbors in Quebec. Likewise, the charitable financial support we derive from Quebec is important to the station. The Canadian charitable organization Public Television Association of Quebec provides support to Vermont PBS while maintaining separate and independent status. 


General Contact Information

The general email address is, and our website is The local telephone number is (802) 655-4800, and the toll-free number is 1-800-639-7811.


Additional Info


Living in Vermont

Vermont PBS is located at 204 Ethan Allen Avenue in Colchester, Vermont. We are within historic Fort Ethan Allen and enjoy free ample parking, a beautiful park, and walking trails. Our location is minutes from stores, restaurants, downtown Burlington, and main routes including I-89.

From the Green Mountains to Lake Champlain, Vermont's natural beauty has beckoned many to move to here to enjoy a wide variety of living opportunities, from rural towns to bustling Burlington (cited as the best place to raise a family), the state as a whole offers a unique living environment allowing you to ski in the afternoon and enjoy a concert in the evening. With high quality schools, low crime and a clean environment, it's no wonder that Vermont continues to enthrall all who visit.



Search Philosophy, Process and Timeline

Search Committee

The Board of Directors of Vermont PBS has appointed a Search Committee comprised of eleven prominent and engaged Vermont leaders from a variety of professional backgrounds and from different regions of the state.  Three are members of the Board of Directors; one is a member of the Vermont PBS Community Council; one is a senior manager on the Vermont PBS staff; six are independent from the organization and in some cases are partners, underwriters or donors. 


Search Philosophy

The Committee is searching for a proven leader with passion for the role and purpose of public media but not necessarily with a professional background in public media.  The clear and persuasive vision of how a public media station must navigate in the face of fast-changing technology and consumer requirements can, potentially, be derived from many possible work and life experiences.  Accordingly, the Search Committee hopes and expects to compare resumes from a richly diverse applicant pool.


Process and Timeline

The process will be completely confidential until finalists are selected and references are provided to the Committee. The CEO position advertisement is in circulation as of Tuesday, July 8, 2014.  The deadline for receiving your letter of interest, resume and salary requirements is August 25th.  Please specify in your cover letter the source from which you learned of this position opening.  At your option, you are invited to provide a link to a portfolio of work or other resource that will assist the Committee in evaluating your credentials. 

The Committee will rank the top applicants and conduct Round #1 Skype interviews by approximately September 26th. The finalists will then provide references. Following the reference checks, Round #2 interviews will be conducted in person with the Board of Directors and staff with a target completion by Thursday, October 23th. The final selection is contemplated by late October or early November.


Application Requirements and Logistics


  1. Combine a letter of interest; salary requirements; resume; and any supporting documents into a single PDF file.
  2. Launch the application form (job is closed)
  3. Enter required information in the fields and upload your PDF file (from step 1 above).
  4. Click the 'Send Application' button.

Your application will be submitted to a repository where the search committee members will access and review your credentials. If you don't receive a submission notification by email, or have any other issues with the application, please email Please be advised that you cannot update your application in the system after submission.



Feel free to pose any questions by email to We will endeavor to respond within one business day.  

Vermont PBS educates, informs, entertains and inspires Vermonters to be lifelong learners and engaged in their community.

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