50 Years Together

Where were you in 1967?

Oct. 16, 1967: Vermont Educational Television (Vermont ETV) goes on the air. Initially focused on instructional television for classroom use, the station was on air about 13 hours a day, weekdays only. That same month our first program, Vermont Daily Almanac, hit the air. A 15-minute human-interest program, often shot on location.
Nov. 25, 1967: Our first local special, Odyssey of a Tree. The story of a Vermont balsam selected as the White House Christmas tree.

1968: Pre-PBS national programs included The French Chef and NET Playhouse.

1969: We became an early member of the newly formed Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

Nov., 1969: Sesame Street begins.
Jan. 10, 1971: First Masterpiece Theatre airs – The First Churchills. Alistair Cooke served as host for 21 years.
Feb., 1974: Weekend programming begins. 
1975 – 1991:The Firehouse Quickie and other fan favorites highlight our highly popular annual fundraiser, The Vermont ETV Auction.

Oct. 15, 1982: Vermont This Week goes on the air, hosted by Jack Barry. Subsequent hosts have been Chris Graff and Stewart Ledbetter.
Jan. 15, 2002: Outdoor Journal goes on the air, hosted by Lawrence Pyne and Marianne Eaton.
2003: First Vermont station to launch Digital HD broadcast, from Windsor Channel 41. Conversion of other transmission sites followed in 2005 and 2006.
July, 2007:Create and World channels join our digital multicast offerings.
2016: Vermont PBS begins extensive Archive Project to preserve 50 years of Vermont television history.
Oct. 16, 2017: 50 Years!!! Thank you, Vermont!!!